Nail Enhancements



Nail Enhancements

Knowing that your nails look well groomed and polished boosts self-confidence and can make you feel more professional, prettier, even sexier! While most of us can easily beautify our natural nails at the salon or at home many women who wish for beautiful nails have trouble growing their nails, or have weak or brittle nails. For them and for anyone who wishes to have a chip-proof manicure—nail extensions can be a great solution.

Silk nail enhancements are strong and durable, they have a lovely smooth finish and last for weeks, growing with your natural nails.

Natural silk extensions – £32.95
Infill re-balance – £22.95

(inc. up to 3 repairs within 3 weeks recommended)

Single nail repair – £3.50
Forever French – £3.50

(permanent French polish nails, will last until next infill)

Nail art from- £5.00

A wide range of gels are available inc. clear, coloured & permanent French which can be applied to natural nails, tip extensions and nail sculptures also look beautiful on toes. The gels sit beautifully on the nails, last for weeks, have no unsightly regrowth ridge, The  gels are cured under a UV light so set solid so no accidents with smudging occurs. A much kinder adn gentler system to have on your nails.

Gel extensions – £35.00
Gel overlays – £30.00

(Applied over natural nails to prevent breaking, etc.)

Infill re-balance – £22.95

(with different colour gel)

Permanent French – £3.00
Gels on toes – £20.95

Arcylic nails are very strong, hard wearing, none lifting and have a natural finish.

Acrylic extensions – £32.95
Infill re-balance – £22.95
Permanent French – £4.00